​Just some of the reasons why you need a traffic attorney

1 January, 2016

  1. It just got serious!!! Okay most of the time not really that serious. I mean it is a traffic ticket. Unless you are a professional driver what is the worst that can happen if you just plead guilty? Well a fine, points on your license, increased insurance rates… If there was an accident the plea of guilt could be used against you in the law suit on that accident. Some tickets are a lot more serious than others of course. Pleading guilty to driving while revoked or without insurance will mean your license will be revoked again…
  2. Now an attorney can likely get your case amended to a nonmoving violation which means no points and no increase of your insurance rates. Plus it really isn’t that expensive.
  3. The prosecutor is not going to listen to you tell your side of the story. There are ethical reasons why they will not speak to you. Also there is the fact they are busy and many simply don’t want too. They will speak to an attorney. An attorney can present your side of the story and argue the law with the prosecutor. The prosecutor also knows that a lawyer will know how to make the defense case in court!