1 September, 2016

Today I got a scam call claiming to be from the IRS.  Unfortunately for the scammer he called a very experienced criminal defense attorney.   I got a good laugh but he got no money.

Here are several ways to know it is a scam.  First the IRS doesn’t just call you up.  They send you an official letter.  Second the IRS never just starts a criminal complaint in most cases they would have already have sent you many notices and other letters.  You know you have a problem it doesn’t just start with a surprise phone call!

Third they would never tell you that a warrant has been issued or ask you to call them back to discuss the warrant.  That is for the nice folks at the Department of Justice.  Who tell you by serving the warrant and taking you to jail… 

In short if someone claims to be from the IRS and wants you to call them about a warrant it is a scam…  If you are uncertain about if it was the real IRS contacting you check out the official IRS warning.