​Just some of the reasons why you need a DWI attorney

4 January, 2016

  1. It just got serious!!! You have been charged with a criminal act the government is out to brand you a criminal and possibly send you to jail or prison! An attorney can help prevent this!
  2. There is no hiding from big brother any more. Your insurance company, your employer, and potential employers will find out. (The courts are legally required to notify the department of revenue…)
  3. YOU NEED a driver’s license! The law does not care that you have to drive to work… An attorney can fight the suspension.
  4. The prosecutor is not going to listen to you tell your side of the story. There are ethical reasons why they will not speak to you. Also there is the fact they are busy and many simply don’t want too. They will speak to an attorney. An attorney can present your side of the story and argue the law with the prosecutor. The prosecutor also knows that a lawyer will know how to make the defense case in court!
  5. All hope is NOT LOST… Even if you think there is overwhelming evidence against you. An attorney may find a loop hole or poke enough holes in the State’s case that you still win. Do yourself a big favor and hire an attorney to help!