DUI/DWI Defense

After more than sixteen years of experience on both sides of the courtroom, I now  represent persons accused of driving while intoxicated. I do this because I believe that there are  two sides to every story and everyone deserves to have their day in court.

Whether you have been wrongly accused or have just made a mistake, I believe in  fighting for your rights to get you the absolute best results possible. There are many factual and  legal issues in a DWI case that require an experienced professional to review, including the stop,  the road side tests, problems with the breathalyzer, and possible health problems of the defendant  - all of these may create a valid defense! At every stage in a DWI investigation error can creep  in that may doom the State’s case against you but only if you have an experienced attorney to  find it.

Do not just give up and plead guilty. DWI’s are winnable!