Criminal Defense

With sixteen years experience, as both a criminal defense attorney and an assistant  prosecuting attorney, I now only represent persons accused of crimes. I do this because I believe  that there are two sides to every story and everyone deserves to have their day in court.

Whether you are wrongly accused or just made a mistake, I believe in fighting for your  rights to get you the absolute best results possible.

I understand that there is nothing more stressful than the government attempting to send  you or your loved one to jail, to put a permanent black mark on your record. You deserve an  attorney that will advocate for you, treat you with respect, who understands just how much stress  you are under and will get results. I understand that no matter what you may have been charged  with, you are still a person who deserves respect and professional representation. Whether your  case ends with a plea bargain, is dismissed before trial, or goes to a jury trial, you deserve an  aggressive, determined attorney that will go the distance to help you. I would like to be that  attorney.