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4 Things You Should Know Before Filing For a Divorce

April 13, 2023

The decision to file for divorce is often a painful one. Receiving a summons and divorce petitioner certainly isn’t a great experience either.    It is common for emotions to run high during a divorce.  After all, if the marriage was going well there wouldn’t have been a divorce filed.  The relationship between the parties will affect how the divorce goes and who is willing each party to resolve the case through negotiation. .

While it's understandable that you want to close this chapter of your life, it is essential that you go about the process the right way.

Here are four facts many divorcees fail to consider that can significantly affect your life post-divorce.

Divorce Affects Your Finances

Many people separate before they even file a divorce.  Two households mean double the bills.  This alone adds to the expense of just living.  You may be required to pay temporary maintenance or child support.  There will likely be attorney’s fees.

Before filing a divorce, organize your finances, get a budget going and locate all your assets.

Your State Laws Determine Everything 

Just because your friend Mary’s recent divorce case in New York followed the equitable distribution rules to divide assets does not mean yours will too. Divorce laws are different in specific States.

If you are divorcing in Missouri then Missouri’s law will determine the division or marital assets, child custody and everything else.  As the laws of different states can and do vary you need to determine the laws that will affect you.  Even different counties of Missouri can and do have different procedures in divorce cases.   

Divorce is costly

Even a reasonably priced attorney isn’t cheap.  There are other potential costs as well such as court costs, GAL fees, appraisals for real property, and service costs.  If you think lawyers are expensive, wait until you see the cost for an expert medical witness.  You must think ahead and budget for the process before it begins.

Divorce Affects Children

You may forget how much your children suffer in the heat of things.  Children are also very perceptive when their parents are upset.  They hear and are affected by what is said even when young.  You know your children best so I am not going to try to give a blanket how to parent them during a divorce.  However, I would encourage anyone who is going to a divorce to look up ways to make it easier on their children.  

Don’t forget to cooperate with your spouse on this.  It can be difficult but as we tell our clients you are going to be coparenting until the child is an adult so you had better get used to it.  

The Hardin Law Firm can help you consider all the ramifications of a divorce and compassionately help you through the process. Contact us today if you are considering divorce.